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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Check out Tucker Max

If you're looking for blunt, foul-mouthed honesty (I know I am), then you should seriously check out He recently signed a deal with Comedy Central (details unknown), but I am hoping to see him on TV sometime in the near future. This guy is a Duke law grad who puts none of it to use on this website, but is making a ton of money through promotions, books, and advertisements on his website. I have a knack for finding famous people before they become famous, and this guy seems to fit the bill. He is very aware of who and what he does, and thrives on controversial topics in his "stories" on his website. As anyone knows, controversy sells, and he has more than a few cards up his sleeve. Please check out his website and read his stories, they are cleverly written, and extremely funny.


Blogger Scott said...

Yeah man I heard about this guy a while ago and have read some of his stuff. He is absolutely hilarious and for sure not afraid to be explicit in his story telling. Good call.

6:57 PM  

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