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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Football Filler (Jacksonville over Indy)

Since I finished my philosophy paper early, I will be able to watch the Jacksonville/Indy tilt tomorrow night. Of course, everyone is picking Indy, but there are a ton of reasons to pick the JAGS. First, Jacksonville is tough against the run, allowing them to drop four or five defenders back to combat Manning's passing attack. Manning's career numbers against Jacksonville (QB rating of 58.6....easily the worst against any team) are also a good indicator, especially considering he is significantly worse on the road as well. Offensively, Jacksonville is running the ball while not turning it over. In the NFL (or anywhere else), that usually translates into wins. The question is can Garrard withstand the pressure, not only from Freeney coming around the ends, but from the game itself. If he can play mistake free football, than Taylor and MJD should be able to run wild on a lackluster Indy run defense. This is how Jacksonville wins games, and this is how they have had luck against Indy in the past. The end result of this game will firmly establish New England as the team to beat in everyone's mind, although they already were in my mind.

Jacksonville 31, Indy 21

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