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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bug Movie

Every once in a while there are horror movies that will keep you from sleeping at night. You know, the ones that are reasonably imaginable and feasible for a real-life situation. The new bug movie is definitely one of them. Starring Ashley Judd, this movie is about a group of people staying in a hotel in the middle of nowhere. Throughout their stay, they start to notice itches and scratches on themselves. Soon, it feels as if these "bugs" they found were inside of their skin. The bug movie looks incredibly freaky because it literally drives the people crazy until they want to kill each other. I know I would be freaking out if bugs were eating at (and were inside) my skin. Ashley Judd does a great job as the main character, and her gradual turn towards craziness is very evident in the later parts of the movie. Incredibly scary stuff, I know I will be out at the theatres once it hits, and then I will proceed to not be able to sleep at night. Why do I do it to myself? Do yourself a favor and check out the movie's trailer for yourself.


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