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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Get Paid to Post

PayPerPost is movin on up! PPP Direct is a strong response to other sponsored review sites that is designed towards benefiting the blogger much, much more. Instead of sites like Sponsored Reviews and Review Me, where they take up to 50% of your revenue, PPP Direct is guaranteed to only take up to 10%, and 5 of it is for PayPal fees and whatnot. PPP is definitely geared more towards helping the average blogger instead of trying to make mass amounts of profit off of them. It's a good feeling to get paid to blog! Now we as bloggers can have more control over how much money we make to work for our advertisers. I expect this to take off because it is a safe way to control the amount of money we make. Also, it's another great deal from PayPerPost, which has been a great blessing for me in the form of easy money and something worth building a small fortune with. I was lucky to find it and now I will never let go of it, and PPP Direct is just another way to keep PPP in my everyday life. Sound obsessed? I AM! Blog on yo!


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