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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Get More Subscribers

This list was originated at Internet. Serious Business. It is a list designed to increase the RSS Feeds that your blogs recieve by creating a retrospective list of feeds. You HAVE to comment on the original post on the link I placed above. It is essential. Here we go:

***Start Copying Here***

1. Create a post and link back to the person that put you on the list in the first paragraph with a brief thank you and description of why people want to use the campaign. DO NOT copy their paragraph. Write your own unique one and link to their site.

2. Copy the ENTIRE list of Feeds and create an OPML File to import into your feed readers so that you can subscribe to all of the blogs on the list. You will want to read my post entitled Mass RSS Feed Subscribing with an OPML so you understand how to do it. (You will want to copy this link over to your post so those you add know how to do this too.)

3. Copy the ENTIRE list of Feeds AND blogs and put them into your post like they are here. Move the "My Adds" from the blog that added you into the "Originals" lists for each. This list is unique because I want you to be able to copy the feeds with out having to delete the blogs before making the OPML file so I separated the two links into 2 lists.

4. Add any blogs you want to the list with whatever keywords you want. Then get their RSS Feed and add those to the list of Feeds in your "My Adds" section.

5. Publish your post.

6. Comment on the post that originated the list here so that new additions can be subscribed to as well by the lists before yours.

My Blog Adds:

Thoughts on Baseball

The Dark Side of Hollywood

Automobile News


Pray for Mojo

Detroit Sports

The Way It Is

Sir Post A Lot

Celeb News

John Chow

Whatever I Feel Like

Tricia's Musings

Ugh!!'s Greymatter Honeypot

A bit of this and a bit of that

Wordpress Plugins

Internet. Serious Business

Julie's Journal

Utterly Geek

jon lee

Pencil Thin

No Average Mom

My Dandelion Patch

Scribble on the Wall

The Sovereign Journey

Digital Nomad


Mr. Gary Lee

Windows Tips, Hacks and Tricks

Get a First Class Degree

SiteLogic Web Development

Geeky Speaky

Little America

My Feed adds:


***Stop Copying Here***


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