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Monday, June 25, 2007

Unsolved Mysteries

Whatever happened to this show? I know I enjoy watching Walker, Texas Ranger quite a bit, and I am a fan of the occasional Montreal Screwjob, but my mom recently made a comment about Unsolved Mysteries (specifically about Robert Stack) and I realized that this show didn't seem to be on anymore. Sure enough, I check TV Guide, and it has been moved back to Lifetime Real Women (wasn't the original Lifetime for women, who would undoubtedly be perceived as real?) at 11 P.M. on Monday through Friday, and the lucrative 4 through 6 AM slot on the weekends. I already went to Lifetime For Real Women's Q&A and filled out a postcard demanding a better time-slot for Unsolved Mysteries. You should do the same. Please, let us save this show, and almost as importantly, save Robert Stack's face on cable networks everywhere!


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