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Monday, October 22, 2007


I still strongly doubt the Lions at 4-2. I think Chicago will beat them next Sunday, even though Chicago BLOWS (I F-ing HATE lucky were they against Philly?). What they did well against Tampa Bay was keep Galloway from stretching the field, forcing Garcia to check down almost every pass. This is why he had such high accuracy; none of his passes were over ten yards. Earnest Graham just earned a spot on my points-per-reception league, considering he has been the most targeted receiver (by far, actually) on his team. Anyways, offensively, there were a couple big pluses this week. First, Kitna was able to keep the ball in the offense's hands, despite another horrible performance by TWOLE (The Worst Offensive Line Ever; I shorten it because I refer to it so often). TWOLE was actually able to give the Lions a running game, however, and this is dually important. First, Kevin Jones is the man who can run the ball effectively between the TWOLE for the Lions. Second, going into a stretch of division play, running the ball effectively will pay off. This is the only reason I think the Lions can win in Chicago next week: The Bears run D is horrible. Otherwise this sets up for one of those typical "Lions on the road against a team they never beat on the road" game (i.e. their first two losses).



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