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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Digg.....losing its luster

This article could be well-constructed and thought-out, but I feel like ranting a bit. My roommate introduced me to earlier this year, and it quickly became a favorite site of mine. However, as it has gained popularity it has simply turned into an atheist/liberal/Ron Paul fan hunting ground. I realize I don't have to read any of the comments and articles made on the site, but it gets really tiring every day to see the same shit on there constantly. Also, the completely inaccurate and offensive statements that compare our President and our country to Pre-Nazi Germany are seriously so misguided and ridiculous that it just makes me want to explode. I realize that liberals are solely focused on complaining, but this seriously is going a little too far. Get the hell out of our country if you hate where it is going so much. I love Digg.....but I hate the Diggers. Make your points, and leave everybody else alone. Is that so hard? Here's a great article on Digg etiquette. Read this. Please.


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