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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Phozi, the anywhere photobooth

Phozi Launches Free Site for Graphics-Enhanced Photos

Online photo booths, such as the newly launched, are an emerging trend.

May 10, 2007 -- Web surfers who are bored with the same old photos on their MySpace profiles or websites are looking to online photo booths to jazz up their pictures. Online photo booths are making it easy for users to create one-of-a-kind pictures and add them to My Space, Facebook, Xanga or any other website that allows embedded HTML codes.

Phozi, a new and free online photo booth allows users to get creative by turning ordinary photos of their friends into graphics-enhanced, entertaining images. "Phozi lets users choose graphics and add them to their own photos," said David Kayo, Vice President of Business Development.

The emerging trend of online photo booths is similar to Purikura, the photo booth craze that has taken Japan by storm in recent years. The booths are often found in Japanese shopping malls, and are popular among pre-teens and teenagers there, who trade and display their Purikura photos.

"Phozi is bringing Purikura to the web," said Kayo.

With no registration or special equipment required, and no software to download, Phozi does not require users to be tech savvy. Phozi works with any kind of digital photos including those uploaded from web cams, cell phones, computers, and digital cameras. "You just click on your photo, and the graphic that you want," said Kayo.

For more information about Phozi, a free online photo booth, visit

Phozi has a pretty cool thing going with their online photos. I started to use it a few weeks ago and I was very impressed. My girlfriend seems to use it all of the time now and her and her friends do little poses and post them on the wallpapers of their laptops. All you really need is a webcam and a good attitude, and you could turn your computer into your new camera! Try out Phozi, The anywhere photobooth!!!!

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