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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Michigan is going to destroy MSU, by Steve Lorenz

For like the 289734th straight year, MSU starts off hot, sneaks into the rankings and MSU fans start talking. Now that they are quiet again, you can draw a couple conclusions about the game:

Michigan is going to score at will in this game. MSU's pass defense is horrible, and Manningham is starting to stretch the field like he did last year. True Michigan fans that know anything about football realize that while Hart is Michigan's most valuable player, the offense is close to unstoppable when Manningham and Henne are on the same page. It opens up the running game, the short passing game, and also opens up Arrington over the middle, who is capable of the huge play.

MSU's mentality can't be much different than in past seasons at this point. They have continually blown leads and games, and countdown or no countdown, you know it's going to sneak into their heads if Michigan gets an early lead, which they should be able to do.

MSU has a solid running game, but Hoyer is terrible at quarterback, which will allow UM to focus on stopping Ringer, who they have never really had a lot of trouble stopping anyways. If MSU has any chance, than Hoyer is going to have to play above his head, because I haven't seen him play well all year (maybe NW, but NW is not good).

Michigan will win by about two touchdowns.


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