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Friday, October 26, 2007

My Take: BC/VT

I watched most of the game last night between Virginia Tech and Boston College. In the beginning of the game, I was skeptical of Boston College's chances simply because they have gone unchallenged thus far. Despite the outcome of the game, I think this really says a lot about how weak the top teams in college football are this year. I realize there are defensive struggles, but I didn't really find BC's defense to be all that great. Let's get it straight: Virginia Tech is a different team with Tyrod Taylor behind center. Sean Glennon is not a starting quarterback, and it showed. I changed my mind on the outcome of the game the second he stepped on the field. Taylor is a Mike Vick-lite type player that can give defenses trouble. Glennon is just awful. Both struggled against LSU, but Taylor at least moved the ball a little bit (44 rushing yards in one half's action).

Anyways, back to the game. VT with Glennon was unable to move the ball, and only scored a questionable touchdown in the second quarter and a chip shot in the third. BC, meanwhile was even less impressive, rushing for a grand total of 33 yards. Pretty boring game overall.

The last, and perhaps most important question, is whether or not Boston College is a National Championship contender. I would say absolutely not to that. Again, this game was more indicative of how weak Boston College is as a NC contender than how strong they are. Throw out the comeback. VT screwing up on special teams doesn't make BC's comeback as worthy as what the experts are saying. And enough with the Matt Ryan for Heisman stuff too. Maybe he should thank his offensive line for giving him all the time in the world for his receivers to break off their routes and find a seam in the defense. He was just doing his job as quarterback. Boston College would not stand a chance against a top team from a major conference (i.e. LSU, Oregon, Oklahoma, Ohio State).

BC= Pretender

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