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Monday, October 22, 2007

St. Augustine Events

I've really been reading a lot of books lately. Besides "The Sun Also Rises", I am also really into a book about the Richard Ramirez saga, aptly called "The Night Stalker". Anyways, I think I am going to travel down to Florida, specifically for St. Augustine events. St. Augustine is one of the oldest cities in America, and has a history rich in many different things. On October 24th and November 27th, Uptown Saturday Night will knock your socks off in ways that they have never been knocked off in the past. There's even FREE PARKING. What is an event without FREE PARKING? I don't know. Anyways, while down at Uptown Saturday Night, I'll be able to find some people that want to discuss the books I have been reading. Hopefully it will create some beneficial conversation about not only books, but many other things like coffee, fantasy sports, and lame reality television shows that have no effect on my (or your) daily life. I cannot wait, especially for the FREE PARKING. Please join me and you will have one of the best times of your life in one of the oldest cities in the country.


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