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Thursday, November 08, 2007

New York CityPass

New York, New York. The hustle and bustle of our country's real capital is unmatched. I am actually looking at Law School down there at ol' NYU. Why not? I have completely dominated all of my law-based classes and I know I am capable. Some mitigating factors are also evident, such as my life-long quest to be the real life version of Jack McCoy, my love of the big city, and mostly my love of the penthouse apartment that looks over the entire city. That would be awesome. But the coolest thing I would get if I went to NYC would definitely be a New York CityPass. If I had one of those I would be the toast of the town constantly. And what a feeling it would be. I'd be helping those Dutch dudes that bought Manhattan and that still run it. So what if it costs $3427782 a month to live there, I would be happy and that's all that matters. That CityPass stuff is so sweet because you don't have to pull out cash and all that garbage. This thing gets you in anywhere, whether it be the Statue of Liberty, Chinatown. Anywhere. I am telling you it's a bargain, and it's going on until March 15 so do that stuff.


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