The Way It Is

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Personalized News

Do you get incredibly sick and tired of watching the same old news every day, where Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are the lead "stories"? Then take a trip to the alternate world of Thoof, where personalized news is a way of life. No more having to read about President Bush if you don't want, and definitely no more Hollywood high school drama stories! If you only want to read about sports, then read about sports. Funny stories? Check. Great links to cool websites? Check. Thoof will show you interesting news, websites, videos, and other links, personalized to your individual tastes. Just click on the stories that interest you, and let Thoof do the rest. It will save you a world of trouble to take a trip on down to Thoof, the only kind of place that can separate you from the rest of the Earth! I have been there and can only find great things about it. It's very accessible and incredibly user-friendly. At first it looked confusing but that is only because I am not the brightest of bloggers! Trust me, go Thoof, or go home!

Team Captain

My mother works in an Alzheimer's unit at work, and absolutely loves it. It has really changed the outlook that I have on older people, and the problems that constantly afflict them. These new beliefs have driven me to become a Team Captain in my local Alzheimer's walk. I am hoping to raise a lot of money for the walk and make a difference in my community. It is something that should be thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial for a lot of people. My girlfriend also has pledged her support to go on the walk with me, and we are working on finding new people to take the walk with us. Knowing my friends, there should be no trouble in doing so. It's really easy to sign up to be a team captain. Just go to the link above and follow the easy directions. It's really that simple. I am confident that this will develop some leadership skills in me that I have been looking to tap for a long time. Wish me luck, and don't hesitate to contact me to donate!

Thursday, August 09, 2007


I have played starcraft for quite a while now. I enjoy it more than Warcraft just because I am such an outer-space freak. My parents get really frustrated with it, but there's nothing they can do about it. Check out my link and you will find a ton of sweet Starcraft info!

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I'm Back

It's been a while, but I've finally made it back. My surgery went well and health is all back to normal. While I was gone, my laptop had "surgery" as well. I have watched a lot of Walker, and have a lot to talk about. I have also reached PR as well! How exciting huh? Look forward to making myself known again.