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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Visit the Sweeney Todd Movie Site

I don't like Johnny Depp that much but he is a pretty good actor. I'd go visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site if I were you.

What are my favorite Johnny Depp movie moments? Scissorhands is a great movie. A true classic where you have to read between the lines to get the true meaning of the movie. Definitely a great. Wasn't a big fan of the whole Pirates of the Caribbean movement. I thought the second and third ones were terrible, and that the first one was overrated. It never ended and took forever.5 to finally end! Anyways, for his second great performance I would have to say Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas for sure. What an awesome and trippy ass movie. Hunter S. Thompson might be one of the best writers to grace this era and Depp played a similar character almost to a tee. Thompson would have been very proud. Has anyone ever read that novel? It's amazingly in depth and covers a travel to the heart of the American Dream, whatever that may be. Anyways, Johnny Depp does a great job in that movie, and he will do a great job in the Sweeney Todd movie, which, by the way, is partly based on a true story. How creepy is that? Maybe you should also visit Sweeney Todd on MySpace, that way you can get a better grip about what exactly is going on.

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Ooooooooh Yeeeeeah!

Was at my Grandma's house today and watched the 1998 Survivor Series with my uncles. It was awesome. It made me want to pull this clip out. If there was ever a cooler wrestler than the Macho Man Randy Savage, then I never had the pleasure of watching him. Snap into a Slim Jim....oooooooh yeeeeeah!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Math Tutors

I used to be horrible with numbers until I took the time to purchase some Math Tutors on Score! These dudes are off the heezy fo sheezy no doubt. They are almost as awesome as Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers, who will walk into Dallas on Thursday and leave with a victory. I guarantee it.

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Under Armour Commercials

I don't think I have ever seen a company who's commercials tried so hard to be serious but end up so lame. The "Click-Clack" thing is so incredibly ridiculous that it makes me laugh when I watch it instead of buying their products. However, I seem to be in the minority when it comes to not buying their products. Check out the spread on their stock

Looking pretty solid in the last year, it could easily become this generation's Nike. Sales have increased ten-fold this year, and all their other statistics (available at are great as well.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Another disappointment for the Lions yesterday afternoon, taking it from behind from the Packers and Brett Favre. The announcers were so in love with Favre, you'd think they were trying to look him up on He played incredibly well though and left the Lions in a huge hole in the NFC Wild Card. With the finishing schedule they have, I expect them to completely flop and miss the playoffs. After the great start, it's quite a disappointment.

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Learn Microsoft Excel!

This site is pretty cool. It does a really good job of teaching you how to use Microsoft Excel, which is a great program to know for many different reasons (spreadsheets, school, etc.). Check this out. You won't be disappointed. I have been using this stuff for over two years and it works wonderfully. Check it out please.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

5.11 Tactical

Interesting game last night between Denver and Tennessee. It's hard to believe that the same team the Lions destroyed a couple weeks ago would be successfully incorporating 5.11 tactical gear into their shoulder pads to make them hit harder (?). Anyways, the AFC West is there for the taking and Denver might have the horses to do it. They don't play another team over .500 for the rest of the way.

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My future wife, Adriana Lima

Is there any woman hotter than Adriana Lima? No....which is why the title of the post is what it is. One of my friends actually had the pleasure of seeing her in person, and was not hesitant to make very detailed descriptions of what he thought of it. To each their own I guess.....but here's to the hottest woman in the world, at least according to this writer.

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Freeze It Gel

This is my brother in law, Anton. He played a lot of baseball and basketball in high school, and was constantly using his joints. Over time, the tendons in his joints started to erode and get worse as time went on. After he graduated, it was so bad that he was constantly popping pills, once to the point where he had to go to the hospital. He desperately needs Freeze It Gel. This stuff works so well, and is incredibly soothing. Anton always talks about how much it has changed his life because he would otherwise be shooting himself up with drugs just so his joints didn't hurt so bad. Freeze It is effective because it's all natural and doesn't use all those lame chemicals you will find in Icy Hot and other pretenders. What's even better is that they offer it in a way that will relieve muscular strains, sore backs, and the aforementioned arthritic joint pain. Relieving this joint pain from Anton is important because he wants to continue to play the games that he loves so dearly, but can't because his knees and elbows constantly hurt so badly. In his senior year in high school, he averaged 20 points a game, he was that good! He has begun to help out our high school in coaching, but is unable to fully participate because his problems. He also has a hard time sleeping sometimes because of his back. This is not very fair to him because he is still so young (only 28). Old people are getting old and don't have much left in the tank, while Anton has a whole life ahead of him that could be more productive if he had some Freeze It in his medicine cabinet at night. Please give him a chance. I know you won't regret it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Lincoln City vacation rentals

The Lions played a pretty poor game yesterday against the Giants. As expected, Kitna had no time to get the ball off, and even when he did, guys like McDonald were fumbling the game away. Although they were jobbed on another challenge call at a pivotal point in the game, there were plenty of opportunities for them to come back, but they could not. The running game was lackluster again, which is even worse news. The Lions better come to play on Turkey Day, otherwise they are going to be booking a beautiful set of Lincoln City vacation rentals for the team as a whole, when they are watching the Patriots destroy whoever they play in the Super Bowl. However, I think they are going to beat the Packers on Thursday. They are due for a loss, and continue to win without running the football. The Lions nearly beat the Giants without playing even a decent game on offense, and I expect the offense to show up on Thursday, as they historically play well on Thanksgiving (unless they play Indy). Kevin Jones needs to be there, and the Lions need to start getting Calvin Johnson the ball, that way they will be successful.

Goodbye Lloyd

.....And it was all over.

Kudos to a guy who ran the most clean major program in all of college football. Kudos to a guy who helped provide me with the greatest year of my life (1997). Kudos to a guy who won and lost with class. Kudos. I will write more later.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

singles web sites

Sup chicks? That is what I say to a lot of people a lot of times. But for real, sup chicks? That is the aim of these awesome singles web sites. They are looking for guys like you to find chicks like them, and vice versa. Once you start checking out some of the profiles, you'll be addicted. I'll really enjoy them. If you're lonely, don't be afraid to check it out. Even if you don't find the one, maybe you'll meet a couple lonely friends or two. You never know.

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Chuck Norris says.....

....take Mike Huckabee. This guy is "Chuck Norris approved". Hey that's really great, and I like Norris, but come on, are you that desperate for attention that you have to ask the help of a guy like CHUCK NORRIS? I laughed out loud when CNN actually has the gall to post this story on its front page, like it's a big deal or something. Huckabee is OK, but I am a little skeptical about this stuff. Oh well.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Eclectrics® Mixer

My mom and I on every other Saturday used to make our own homemade bread. We definitely like to use our hands when mixing the dough, but things became a lot easier when we started using the Eclectrics® Mixer. This thing is awesome! I never thought I'd ever use a kitchen appliance that was as effective as this thing was! It mixes, mixes and mixes some more, saving me and my mom a whole bunch of time and effort. The Hamilton Beach® Mixer can be yours for only two easy payments of 19.95 and one really complicated payment. Yes, anyways, this thing comes in many different colors and can make that warm cinnamon raisin bread, just like my mother and I used to. I promise that when you use this wonderful Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer , that you will be so satisfied that you might go out and buy one for somebody else. I thought that I would hate the thing because it's electric and those things can be difficult, but man when I gleefully opened the package and unwrapped this Turkish delight of an electric appliance, I was more than satisfied in what I had purchased. Please promise me you will say the same thing when you go buy one yourselves. I am going to get one for my mom. I am going to get one for my grandma. I am going to get one for my aunt. I am going to buy stock in the Hamilton Beach company. It makes everything so much easier that it's sickening.

Lions this week

Once again, everyone seems to be picking the Lions to lose this weekend in Arizona. Not me. Although their offense should be able to exploit a weak secondary, I do think the defense has improved enough throughout the year to continue their recent hot streak. Does anyone realize the Lions have more forced turnovers than anybody else in the entire league? Those are the kind of statistics that are constantly with winning teams. I think Warner is prone to turning the ball over. We'll see.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Innovative Tutor

I am beginning to get a little tired of writing all of these Score! ads because I write them so often. The program really works people! You gotta be kidding me! Go....get an Innovative Tutor! You will absolutely not regret it, and I am tired of writing these stinkin posts. I'll put my guarantee on it.

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Tonight's WVU game

WVU is not a serious title contender are they? Will their turnover-laden, offense-only, 150 combined point-scoring game tonight really make you believe that this team is any good? Why not look at Kansas. I've been calling Kansas for about three weeks now ever since they did what Oklahoma couldn't: win in Boulder. If Kansas wins out, then they definitely deserve to go to the National Championship game to meet the other contender. Seriously.

New York CityPass

New York, New York. The hustle and bustle of our country's real capital is unmatched. I am actually looking at Law School down there at ol' NYU. Why not? I have completely dominated all of my law-based classes and I know I am capable. Some mitigating factors are also evident, such as my life-long quest to be the real life version of Jack McCoy, my love of the big city, and mostly my love of the penthouse apartment that looks over the entire city. That would be awesome. But the coolest thing I would get if I went to NYC would definitely be a New York CityPass. If I had one of those I would be the toast of the town constantly. And what a feeling it would be. I'd be helping those Dutch dudes that bought Manhattan and that still run it. So what if it costs $3427782 a month to live there, I would be happy and that's all that matters. That CityPass stuff is so sweet because you don't have to pull out cash and all that garbage. This thing gets you in anywhere, whether it be the Statue of Liberty, Chinatown. Anywhere. I am telling you it's a bargain, and it's going on until March 15 so do that stuff.

Save your change

Let's do some math today!

My girlfriend and I have saved $26 worth of change this month.

26 X 12= $312/year

312X20= $6240

It's that simple. Heck, if you look hard enough, you might find even more change than that. It's a lesson in what awareness and patience can do for you. I don't see why more people don't take a concerted effort into doing this.

The Mist by Stephen King

My aunt lives in Florida. She waitresses at a restaurant just outside of Orlando. The last time she came up here to visit, she was telling me about Stephen King, the wonderful author, and how he came to visit the restaurant every other Sunday. She said that he was one of the nicest people she had ever met and that she really liked him. It is for this reason that I have decided to promote The Mist by Stephen King. It's a story of trial and tribulation, perhaps one of the author's best. Does anyone remember Pet Sematary? Probably the single most terrifying movie I have ever watched in my entire life. This movie is similar in that it uses things that you would see walking down any street on any night and turning it into the most terrifying adventure of your entire life. Trust me, I was jumping scared just watching the trailer. This movie looks even scarier than watching Pet Sematary as a five year old boy living in the middle of nowhere late at night with the lights turned off. I would suggest checking out the trailer and seeing for yourself. It is truly a life-changing experience that will be sure to affect the way you live your daily life. I am just kidding but seriously. Take a look.

Still Standing

Am I the only person who has ever watched this show? My girlfriend and I watch this show constantly and it's hilarious. Mark Addy is definitely the man, and is one of the funniest TV characters of our time. I can't believe this show was taken off the air. The critics ripped into it bigtime, which doesn't surprise me because they really don't like anything at all. It takes something you've never heard of for them to like it. That's too bad.

Dentemp OS

I remember when I was 14 years old and I was playing some flag football with friends of mine. I ran a deep slant pattern over the middle of the field and as the ball came I leaped up towards it. That was the last thing I remembered. When I woke up, I was laying down on the couch in my living room and my mother was very sad. I asked her what happened and she told me that I had been knocked out by one of my buddies during a game of football. Then came the bad news. One of my fillings had been popped out. I wish that I had Dentemp OS to provide some much needed temporary dental care. Alas, I did not, but if I had then I might have saved my family a whole bunch of money. Then all these problems would have been avoided. Oh well, I am ok now, but I wish I had DENTEMP OS.

Invest Wisely

Lesson for the day: invest wisely. Even if you take a small amount of your money and put it in your savings account it will eventually add up. I promise. The interest rates will yield you great cash money once you retire as long as you leave your investments untouched. That's the key. DO NOT take money out of your accounts.

Holiday Gift

My grandma was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's. It has been a sad last month or so for our family, and we have had an incredibly difficult time coping with the situation. But we have come to realize that there are a lot of people in the same position as we are, which has made things better. This Christmas, there is the perfect holiday gift to give the one you love, which is a gift from the Alzheimer's Association E-store. You will get great gifts from the store while feeling all the better because you really helped somebody's life by doing this. While getting a cure is important, we are also committed to simply helping out those whose families have been affected by this difficult disease. The more we all help out to help those who have to cope with it, the better off we are all going to be. Please buy a gift, I did, and it made my day to know I was doing the right thing.

Which Conference?

I am on a mission to figure out who exactly the best conference in College Football is. Is it the SEC? Is it the Pac-10? Can somebody come up with the ultimate argument to make their case? Who is the best all-time? Who is the best this year? A lot of people have a lot of opinions on it, and I am determined to find out what everyone has to say.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Math Tutors

It's funny because people are always talking. This is this and that is that they say. Then they come up with something along the lines of which a bunch of crappy Math Tutors would say. It's ridiculous. All of it. Seriously. I love my math tutor to death, they have saved my GPA.

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NFL Picks Review

It would be hard to complain about going 11-3, but I am not too happy. The only pick I really missed out on was San Diego over Minnesota. The other two? Ahhh, whatever.

Seattle is going to give me trouble, though. They and Carolina are probably the two hardest teams to pick each week because they are so inconsistent.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Garage Cabinets

Seriously, does anyone think that LSU is not the luckiest team to ever walk the earth? I'm starting to believe that Les Miles could magically create garage cabinets for poor families in rural America with the way his team pulls out close games. But that is only wishful thinking.

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NFL Pick Em': Week 9 week is in the books and we both did pretty well I guess. We tied.

Real Detroit Sports: 9-4

The Way it Is: 9-4

Sunday, November 4, 2007:

Denver Broncos @ Detroit Lions

My Pick: Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers @ Kansas City

My Pick: Green Bay

New England Patriots @ Indianapolis colts

My Pick: New England

Cincinnati Bengals @ Buffalo Bills

My Pick: Cincinatti

Carolina Pnathers @ Tennessee Titans

My Pick: Tennessee

Seattle Seahawks @ Cleveland Browns

My Pick: Seattle

San Diego Chargers at Minnesota Vikings

My Pick: San Diego

Houston Texans @ Oakland Raiders

My Pick: Houston

Jacksonville Jaguars @ New Orleans Sains:

My Pick: New Orleans

Arizona Cardinals @ Tampa Bay Bucs

My Pick: Tampa Bay

Washington Redskins @ New York Jets

My Pick: Washington

San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons

My Pick: San Francisco

Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles

My Pick: Dallas

Monday, November 5, 2007:

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburg Steelers

My Pick: Pittsburg

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Going to East Lansing

I remember four years ago when I went down to East Lansing and spent the night on the fences of Spartan Stadium. It was one of the best nights ever. I do expect the same results this weekend, but never will it be like that again.

Braylon called me out in a crowd, and then said he would score two touchdowns in the MSU student section end-zone. He did. You can see the box score here (Thanks Mike DeSimone).

It was awesome.