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Monday, November 19, 2007

Lincoln City vacation rentals

The Lions played a pretty poor game yesterday against the Giants. As expected, Kitna had no time to get the ball off, and even when he did, guys like McDonald were fumbling the game away. Although they were jobbed on another challenge call at a pivotal point in the game, there were plenty of opportunities for them to come back, but they could not. The running game was lackluster again, which is even worse news. The Lions better come to play on Turkey Day, otherwise they are going to be booking a beautiful set of Lincoln City vacation rentals for the team as a whole, when they are watching the Patriots destroy whoever they play in the Super Bowl. However, I think they are going to beat the Packers on Thursday. They are due for a loss, and continue to win without running the football. The Lions nearly beat the Giants without playing even a decent game on offense, and I expect the offense to show up on Thursday, as they historically play well on Thanksgiving (unless they play Indy). Kevin Jones needs to be there, and the Lions need to start getting Calvin Johnson the ball, that way they will be successful.


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