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Friday, November 09, 2007

Eclectrics® Mixer

My mom and I on every other Saturday used to make our own homemade bread. We definitely like to use our hands when mixing the dough, but things became a lot easier when we started using the Eclectrics® Mixer. This thing is awesome! I never thought I'd ever use a kitchen appliance that was as effective as this thing was! It mixes, mixes and mixes some more, saving me and my mom a whole bunch of time and effort. The Hamilton Beach® Mixer can be yours for only two easy payments of 19.95 and one really complicated payment. Yes, anyways, this thing comes in many different colors and can make that warm cinnamon raisin bread, just like my mother and I used to. I promise that when you use this wonderful Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer , that you will be so satisfied that you might go out and buy one for somebody else. I thought that I would hate the thing because it's electric and those things can be difficult, but man when I gleefully opened the package and unwrapped this Turkish delight of an electric appliance, I was more than satisfied in what I had purchased. Please promise me you will say the same thing when you go buy one yourselves. I am going to get one for my mom. I am going to get one for my grandma. I am going to get one for my aunt. I am going to buy stock in the Hamilton Beach company. It makes everything so much easier that it's sickening.


Anonymous Funner said...

Buying stocks it is nice. But you have to be prepared for this.

2:48 AM  

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