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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Freeze It Gel

This is my brother in law, Anton. He played a lot of baseball and basketball in high school, and was constantly using his joints. Over time, the tendons in his joints started to erode and get worse as time went on. After he graduated, it was so bad that he was constantly popping pills, once to the point where he had to go to the hospital. He desperately needs Freeze It Gel. This stuff works so well, and is incredibly soothing. Anton always talks about how much it has changed his life because he would otherwise be shooting himself up with drugs just so his joints didn't hurt so bad. Freeze It is effective because it's all natural and doesn't use all those lame chemicals you will find in Icy Hot and other pretenders. What's even better is that they offer it in a way that will relieve muscular strains, sore backs, and the aforementioned arthritic joint pain. Relieving this joint pain from Anton is important because he wants to continue to play the games that he loves so dearly, but can't because his knees and elbows constantly hurt so badly. In his senior year in high school, he averaged 20 points a game, he was that good! He has begun to help out our high school in coaching, but is unable to fully participate because his problems. He also has a hard time sleeping sometimes because of his back. This is not very fair to him because he is still so young (only 28). Old people are getting old and don't have much left in the tank, while Anton has a whole life ahead of him that could be more productive if he had some Freeze It in his medicine cabinet at night. Please give him a chance. I know you won't regret it.


Anonymous cosmetic dentist said...

Thats nice post and also great video

6:32 AM  
Anonymous filme said...

That is not your brother, Its Anton Ferdinand, A ENGLISH football player who currently plays for West Ham United.. I thought i recognised him somewhere...

Not very good tho mind you :)

4:24 AM  
Anonymous Refrigeration Designer said...

Haha, this is funny. If you're going to use a picture, don't choose the brother of one of the most famous defenders in england.

3:59 AM  

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