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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

5.11 Tactical

The Detroit Lions are officially in the playoff hunt in the NFC. What a beautiful thing! You'd think that Jon Kitna was yelling 5.11 Tactical maneuvers at the line or something. I honestly think the Lions can win the 10 games that Kitna predicted them to win at the beginning of the season. Scary thought, but in a good way no doubt.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Michigan is going to destroy MSU, by Steve Lorenz

For like the 289734th straight year, MSU starts off hot, sneaks into the rankings and MSU fans start talking. Now that they are quiet again, you can draw a couple conclusions about the game:

Michigan is going to score at will in this game. MSU's pass defense is horrible, and Manningham is starting to stretch the field like he did last year. True Michigan fans that know anything about football realize that while Hart is Michigan's most valuable player, the offense is close to unstoppable when Manningham and Henne are on the same page. It opens up the running game, the short passing game, and also opens up Arrington over the middle, who is capable of the huge play.

MSU's mentality can't be much different than in past seasons at this point. They have continually blown leads and games, and countdown or no countdown, you know it's going to sneak into their heads if Michigan gets an early lead, which they should be able to do.

MSU has a solid running game, but Hoyer is terrible at quarterback, which will allow UM to focus on stopping Ringer, who they have never really had a lot of trouble stopping anyways. If MSU has any chance, than Hoyer is going to have to play above his head, because I haven't seen him play well all year (maybe NW, but NW is not good).

Michigan will win by about two touchdowns.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Bad Credit Loans

I did get a chance to watch Michigan St. early on Saturday afternoon. Thankfully, all the annual "This is our year, I think we have a good team" phone calls and emails have disappeared, and instead have been replaced by a lot of shoulda, woulda, coulda talk. Never gets old. If you watched them blow another lead, you'd think that MSU's defense specializes in giving out bad credit loans to teams that don't deserve them. I fully expect Mike Hart to dominate MSU's front seven, and Manningham will go wild on a pass defense that is almost as bad as Minnesota's.

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SEC Talk

Tennessee, a team who has lost three games by a combined 60-something points, is now in first place in the SEC East and controls its own destiny. How can you say that the SEC is the best conference in football when 10 of your 12 teams have three or more losses in conference? It blows my mind. I promise to the fullest extent to tackle this issue in its entirety since MGoBlog won't. Hopefully it goes well and I can get some discussion going.

Tummy Tuck

There are a lot of teams in the NFL right now that could use a form-changing Tummy Tuck. I could talk about the Bills, or the Jets, or the Rams, or the Dolphins. But to me, the team that needs some frontal work done the most is easily the Atlanta Falcons. Give me one player on their team that you would take right now besides D'Angelo Hall, who ironically is causing more problems for his team than anybody else. A sad situation, with a new coach who is going about instilling discipline in a complete wrong way, it's going to get worse I promise. Ironically, Bill Simmons picked them as his sleeper. It made sense at the time.

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Football blog

I think this site is going to be turned into a football blog. Why, you might ask? I'm tired of uneducated fans. I am tired of sending emails to MGoBlog and the guy not even responding. I am going to take it upon myself to turn this blog into one that will discuss football in an intelligent manner. It will be a good one, I promise.

Short NFL Recap

I went 9-3 so far.

Should have picked Philly to beat Minnesota.


During the game, I had a daydream. I thought Brian Griese was going to rip his jersey off and reveal a Lions jersey underneath. Then him and Shaun Rogers would hug at midfield and "Voodoo Child" by Jimi Hendrix would start playing. Then Griese would start playing air guitar. The security team would come and arrest Griese for trespassing, and hilarity would ensue. Almost all of this happened.

Plastic Surgery UK

I must say I was pretty impressed with Mississippi St's victory over Kentucky on Saturday. Heck, it'd be accurate to say that they performed some high quality Plastic Surgery UK style. Now that the SEC is officially the best conference in the country because every team from top to bottom is capable of winning a game on any given day. It's really scary, especially considering the fact they are under .500 against the Big Ten in bowl games the last six years. Whoooo. Go to UK. Get some plastic surgery. Let me know how it goes, I'll be sure to write you in a few days and talk about it.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

My Take: BC/VT

I watched most of the game last night between Virginia Tech and Boston College. In the beginning of the game, I was skeptical of Boston College's chances simply because they have gone unchallenged thus far. Despite the outcome of the game, I think this really says a lot about how weak the top teams in college football are this year. I realize there are defensive struggles, but I didn't really find BC's defense to be all that great. Let's get it straight: Virginia Tech is a different team with Tyrod Taylor behind center. Sean Glennon is not a starting quarterback, and it showed. I changed my mind on the outcome of the game the second he stepped on the field. Taylor is a Mike Vick-lite type player that can give defenses trouble. Glennon is just awful. Both struggled against LSU, but Taylor at least moved the ball a little bit (44 rushing yards in one half's action).

Anyways, back to the game. VT with Glennon was unable to move the ball, and only scored a questionable touchdown in the second quarter and a chip shot in the third. BC, meanwhile was even less impressive, rushing for a grand total of 33 yards. Pretty boring game overall.

The last, and perhaps most important question, is whether or not Boston College is a National Championship contender. I would say absolutely not to that. Again, this game was more indicative of how weak Boston College is as a NC contender than how strong they are. Throw out the comeback. VT screwing up on special teams doesn't make BC's comeback as worthy as what the experts are saying. And enough with the Matt Ryan for Heisman stuff too. Maybe he should thank his offensive line for giving him all the time in the world for his receivers to break off their routes and find a seam in the defense. He was just doing his job as quarterback. Boston College would not stand a chance against a top team from a major conference (i.e. LSU, Oregon, Oklahoma, Ohio State).

BC= Pretender

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Sectional Garages

Interesting weekend in college football. Lots of make or break games for a lot of pretenders. The one I think isn't getting enough credit for what they have done so far is Kansas. They went into the same environment as Oklahoma (Boulder), and came out victorious. As a matter of fact, they are building a formidable football program quicker than you or I could build Sectional Garages . I believe Mangino and crew will take care of business this weekend in College Station, preventing Texas A+M students from making out this weekend like they usually do when the Aggies score. I promise this will not happen and you will be spared.

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Google Finance

There's really not much to say except that it rocks. My IGoogle page is starting to become the only page I really need to look at. It definitely led me to believe that Vonage (VG) is worth getting into, now that they settled with Verizon. As everything with Google is, the organization is impeccable, and every window on the page is of use to anybody interested in finance. There are no windows you really would want to close out, although you have the option if you like. My favorite part is the little search boxes on each window. If I was to type in "RIMM" into the search boxes, it gives me EVERYTHING I need to know about RIMM, their competitors, and their company. Everything.

Sales Training

Once again, Colorado lost last night, showing the the American League is the better league of the two. Boston was able to play offensive ball in game one, and then play the "National League" style 2-1 pitchers' duel last night. Maybe NL players should look towards a career in Sales Training instead. Maybe then they'd be able to score some runs and win some games. At least they were successful in selling some tickets for their home games, so maybe some sales training is in Colorado's future. Speaking of Colorado, I think I might be going there pretty soon. That'd be sweet, wouldn't it?

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Office Space

Anyone ever seen this movie? I thought that I had before, but I guess I had only seen the first part. I mean, it's really honestly a funny movie. I used to turn down my windows like the guy in the first scene but I have learned that we are all our own person and that is OK. Honestly though, a top 10 movie in my small book.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The NFL Pick'em Bet: Week 8

So here's the deal...a friend of mine and I have been jockeying back and forth for the first seven weeks of the season, and nothing has been settled so far. We are both sitting at 63 wins and 40 losses (no we haven't picked the same teams). So we sat down and decided to up the ante a little bit. Whoever comes out on top of the remaining weeks wins $50,000 straight up, no questions asked. He's got his NFL picks, and I've got mine. We both had some extra cash so we figured why not?

Note: We pick straight up, no spreads.

My Picks for this Week:

Sunday, October 28, 2007:

Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears

My Pick: Chicago

Indianapolis colts @ Caroilina Panthers

My Pick: Indianapolis

Pittsburg Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals

My Pick: Pittsburgh

Oakland Raiders @ Tennessee Titans

My Pick: Tennessee

Cleveland Browns @ ST. Louis Rams

My Pick: St. Louis (upset special)

Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings

My Pick: Minnesota

New York Giants @ Miami dolphins

My Pick: New York Giants

Bufalo Bills @ New York Jets

My Pick: Buffalo

Houston Texans @ San Diego Chargers:

My Pick: San Diego

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tampa Bay Bucs

My Pick: Jacksonville

Washington Redskins @ New England Patrions

My Pick: New England

New Orleans Saints @ San Francisco 49ers

My Pick: New Orleans

Monday, October 26, 2007:

Green Bay Packers @ Denver Broncos

My Pick: Denver


Oak Beds

It's pretty easy to figure out why the Rockies lost so badly last night. It's simply that none of the hotels in Boston had been furnished with Oak Beds. Think about it. You're tired after a long flight out of Denver after being off for eight days straight. You're going to want the best possible sleep you can get. Then, once you get to your hotel all you see is a couple mattresses stacked upon each other and those pressed sheets and feel like you're sleeping on a pile of grocery bags. No wonder they lost.

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Really hoping the World Series doesn't continue down this trodden path. It seems like almost every year is a one-sided sweep or near sweep. Well, now that you think about it, it has. Boston sweeps ? in 2004, White Sox sweep Astros in 2005, Cardinals dominate the Tigers, and now Boston is on their way to blowing out the Rocktobers, who had won 21 of 22 until they ran into the JD Drew show. Man.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sectional Garages

Seriously? Signing Pudge for $13 million this year means that Vance Wilson's apparent comeback will be derailed. Perhaps he should get into the Sectional Garages business. Maybe then he will find something he is actually good at. But hey, he could probably draw more walks than I have fingers. The Tigers are going down next year, I hate to say it. I really hate to say it. I predict they will finish third in their division and fire Leyland, rehire Alan Trammell, and lose 110 games in 2009.

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World Series, Game one

I am looking for the winner of this game to take the series. Unfortunately, I feel like Boston is going to win this game. Beckett is too tough on the big stage. He might already be the best post-season pitcher in history. Colorado has a deep lineup but I just don't see it unfortunately.

PS- I hate Jeff Francis

Remortgages UK

I ran into an old buddy of mine from high school the other day. He was talking about how he had no job, nothing going for him, ANYTHING. I told him he should look at some Remortgages UK to refinance his situation before things got out of control. He said he didn't know what a Remortgage UK was. I told him it was really simple and that it would help him. He politely obliged and is now in debt up to his eyeballs. All that marijuana can get to your head I suppose.

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Golic was right

Why is Steve Young such a wuss? Not only can he not answer a simple question posed by Greenie yesterday, he actually gets mad at him for asking the question. Are you serious? Take a stand, make a know Young has his opinions just like everyone else.

You know he would have chosen Brady too, and here's why. Manning is much more susceptible to criticism than Brady is, as Manning has been criticized for not winning the big game (and rightly so).

Greenie and Golic combine to become the man.

Grow some balls Steve Young. Grow some balls Phil Simms.

Best resources for digital camera

I was watching Mike and Mike today, and found out that Vegas is putting the Lions in the playoffs. Hey, at least we might make it to the first round this year, and then we can watch the NFC Championship game using the Best resources for digital camera that they can find. They will be able to take a bunch of pictures.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blackpool Hotels

It's a shame that the Red Sox were able to come back and defeat the Indians in the ALCS. The way Fausto Carmona pitched in game 6, you'd think his mind was looking ahead to a Blackpool Hotels getaway in the mountains. Oh well, I guess there's always next year. Especially for an Indians team that is looking to perhaps bolster the back of their starting rotation next year, even though I don't think they really need it. What am I talking about anyways? Uhhh...OK. Welcome to ROCKTOBER.

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Another Pick

NY Giants over Miami

Is Eli Manning starting to come into some kind of zone? I wouldn't say zone, but the Giants are perhaps making their claim as the second best team in the NFC with their recent run. Their defensive line has been playing unbelievable ball, destroying the 49ers last week with a barrage of forced throws (Remember the NFL record for sacks a couple weeks ago too. Umeniyora had six alone). Miami lost the only player on their team that really matters, losing Ronnie Brown for the season. The Giants are always capable of a letdown, but I don't see one here.

Giants 26, Miami 14

Secured Home Equity Loans

I recently graduated from college, and look how successful I have become. I live at home and I blog for money! Anyways, I am looking here at Magic Loans and really liking what I am seeing. I have definitely found the site that I will get my Secured Home Equity Loans from. That's for sure. Say, why don't you take a look at Magic Loans and you can figure it out for yourself. There's no doubt that the colorful, organized home page will lead you in the right direction, where you can go do what you want and stuff. Sweet.

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St. Louis over Cleveland

This might be the toughest game of the week to pick.

I'll go with the Rams because I feel the return of Steven Jackson will give them an incentive to go out and win a game. Cleveland surprisingly is 3-3 with a resurgent offense, led by the Anderson to Edwards combo (definitely never thought I'd write that on anything). Brian Anderson has been a huge fantasy pick-up for those who waited too long to draft a QB (like me), and has taken a lot of teams to first place (like me). Despite my unabashed respect for a guy like Brian Anderson, I think winning on the road here will be a bit too much.

St. Louis 34, Cleveland 28

Commercial Van Insurance

Now that I am a father I have to start worrying about things that at the age of 22 I don't know if I am ready for, like for instance buying my wife a mini van. She doesn't want a suburban she wants a mini van. For the comfort of our children she claims. we are looking at getting Commercial Van Insurance Commercial Van Insurance so that in case of an accident we know that we are covered. Having a family is a big responsibility and I want to make sure my children and my lovely wife are safe. Even though my wife is a wonderful driver I know that she will be safe in her new purple mini van. She looks pretty hot too.

New Football Plan

Since everyone around me started making their football picks, I figure I have been doing well enough to start posting them on the 'net. Jimi and I will be going for $50,000 based on who finishes higher on their picks for the rest of the season. I will update every day with a few picks for the coming week.

New England beats Washington

Pretty easy pick. Note that the Patriots could run the table without a solid running game. Instead, with Moss and Stallworth stretching the field, the checkdown passes the Patriots have run effectively for years have now become a great substitute for the running game. I remember the Skins' defense being effective in finding where the Lions receivers were going to be before they got there, giving Jon Kitna trouble moving the ball down the field. This can't work against New England solely because of the checkdown passes, something Detroit running backs are incapable of doing. If Washington attempts to prevent the big play, then look for the old New England team to show up. With Sean Taylor, Washington might be able to do this. It won't matter though.

NE 34 WAS 14

Pitt > Cinn

Cincinnati's season is over. However, they don't think it is, and that's why they will give Pittsburgh a close game. Was anyone as impressed as I was with Pitt's comeback late against Denver? They made a comeback on the road and in a tough environment (not so tough this year, though) look almost too easy. Despite the fact that they scored way too early and gave Denver a ton of time to get into Elam's range and lose the game, there still should be heads up in Pittsburgh, as they are clearly the best team in their division. Davenport has provided a Bus-like change of pace for Parker. Combine that with the fact that Pitt's passing game (9th in the league, easily Roethlisberger's highest output in his career) has done well without any production from Hines Ward. Their D will have an easy time shutting down an OVERRATED Rudi Johnson (if he returns....even if he does, why not start Watson?), giving them a fairly easy, but not that easy, victory.

Pitt 27 Cinn 17

Minnesota over Philly

Minnesota is a weird team. Best rushing D in the league, worst passing D in the league. Great running game, terrible passing game. Minnesota will win this game because they are at home. As long as Tavaris Jackson doesn't do his best Carlyle Holliday impression, then Peterson should widen his gap on the league lead in rushing against a 26th ranked rush defense. Unless they only give him the ball 12 times (are you $@#(&* kidding me?) Plus, I hate Philadelphia because they lost a very winnable game to Chicago last week. I HATE Chicago. Minnesota wins, and puts Philly in a hole they will not dig out of next year.

Minnesota 20 Philly 14

Monday, October 22, 2007

St. Augustine Events

I've really been reading a lot of books lately. Besides "The Sun Also Rises", I am also really into a book about the Richard Ramirez saga, aptly called "The Night Stalker". Anyways, I think I am going to travel down to Florida, specifically for St. Augustine events. St. Augustine is one of the oldest cities in America, and has a history rich in many different things. On October 24th and November 27th, Uptown Saturday Night will knock your socks off in ways that they have never been knocked off in the past. There's even FREE PARKING. What is an event without FREE PARKING? I don't know. Anyways, while down at Uptown Saturday Night, I'll be able to find some people that want to discuss the books I have been reading. Hopefully it will create some beneficial conversation about not only books, but many other things like coffee, fantasy sports, and lame reality television shows that have no effect on my (or your) daily life. I cannot wait, especially for the FREE PARKING. Please join me and you will have one of the best times of your life in one of the oldest cities in the country.


I still strongly doubt the Lions at 4-2. I think Chicago will beat them next Sunday, even though Chicago BLOWS (I F-ing HATE lucky were they against Philly?). What they did well against Tampa Bay was keep Galloway from stretching the field, forcing Garcia to check down almost every pass. This is why he had such high accuracy; none of his passes were over ten yards. Earnest Graham just earned a spot on my points-per-reception league, considering he has been the most targeted receiver (by far, actually) on his team. Anyways, offensively, there were a couple big pluses this week. First, Kitna was able to keep the ball in the offense's hands, despite another horrible performance by TWOLE (The Worst Offensive Line Ever; I shorten it because I refer to it so often). TWOLE was actually able to give the Lions a running game, however, and this is dually important. First, Kevin Jones is the man who can run the ball effectively between the TWOLE for the Lions. Second, going into a stretch of division play, running the ball effectively will pay off. This is the only reason I think the Lions can win in Chicago next week: The Bears run D is horrible. Otherwise this sets up for one of those typical "Lions on the road against a team they never beat on the road" game (i.e. their first two losses).


Real Estate License Exam

I have always had an interest in real estate because of the fact that land is the most appreciable asset on earth, as long as you carefully pick out the right real estate. That's why I am about to take my real estate license exam soon and pass it with flying colors. Then I will buy some land outside of Boise, Idaho and watch its value go through the roof. I promise.

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Flights to India

Next time I get on a plane, I am going to take a series of flights to India. Not only are they cheap flights, but they are also an opportunity to spend your holidays in India as well. I can't really think of anything better. You could catch a Bollywood film and get all messed up and stuff. Sweet.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Football Filler (Jacksonville over Indy)

Since I finished my philosophy paper early, I will be able to watch the Jacksonville/Indy tilt tomorrow night. Of course, everyone is picking Indy, but there are a ton of reasons to pick the JAGS. First, Jacksonville is tough against the run, allowing them to drop four or five defenders back to combat Manning's passing attack. Manning's career numbers against Jacksonville (QB rating of 58.6....easily the worst against any team) are also a good indicator, especially considering he is significantly worse on the road as well. Offensively, Jacksonville is running the ball while not turning it over. In the NFL (or anywhere else), that usually translates into wins. The question is can Garrard withstand the pressure, not only from Freeney coming around the ends, but from the game itself. If he can play mistake free football, than Taylor and MJD should be able to run wild on a lackluster Indy run defense. This is how Jacksonville wins games, and this is how they have had luck against Indy in the past. The end result of this game will firmly establish New England as the team to beat in everyone's mind, although they already were in my mind.

Jacksonville 31, Indy 21

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Weird and Bizarre News

Fictional stories can get really old really fast. That's why I go for the weird and bizarre news stories that are littered all over the internet. Why take a journey to a fake world when you have celebrity snark and gossip to get your hands on? I spend most of my days watching strange and funny videos and then sending them out to my friends, hoping it will give them something to laugh at. LOL.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Zappos coupons

I found this wonderful coupon site
that yielded the following results.

My brother smokes. That's all there is to it. I used some Zappos coupons and bought him a sweet lighter.

My brother likes computers. That's all there is to it. I used some Dell Coupons and bought him a new computer.

My brother likes external hard drives. That's all there is to it. I used someDell Coupons and bought him one. Sweet.

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As sure as eggs is eggs......

Another easy win for the Pats last night. Another TD catch for Moss. Another 5 TD throws for Brady. The Manning/Brady debate is OVER. Officially. It's OVER. Let it go. Moss should have had two, but it was rightfully overturned. Still, ridiculous. The game wasn't even close even though technically it was.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007 Online Game Show

Hey good news for those of us who were really depressed after Bob Barker left the Price is Right (and those of us who were scared to death that Rosie O'Donnell might take over; thank you Drew Carey for saving my life). online game show is going to be incredibly exciting as you can win tons of prizes, including expensive electronics. You can't forget, we're always looking for some expensive electronics.

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Ron Paul

Ron Paul came to Ann Arbor last night. Do I really agree with what Ron Paul wants to do? Not particularly, although I am perhaps one of those who is noticing there are no candidates out there worth voting for in the next election. Sadly enough, this is one of the most pivotal elections in recent history. The one thing I could never take away from Dr. Paul is the fact that he is a straight shooter who has never strayed away from his course. And he doesn't want a national ID card (one of the worst ideas in history).

Monday, October 08, 2007

Reading Tutors

I am reading another awesome Hemingway book right now (The Sun Also Rises). Again, my son wants to read just like me someday. I think his Reading Tutors will do well in helping him achieve this goal, because without them he wouldn't ever come close to reading as well as me. Hey, I am just saying. Love Score! They rule.

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Baseball is killing me

I am 0-3 so far in my predictions.

I am about to be 0-4.

This is why I love and hate baseball at the exact same time.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Garage Lighting

Lights in your garage. In other words, garage lighting. This is an overlooked part of the idea of the garage, because there are usually a lack of windows or lighting in there. Take a connection to the link and you'll find that there are solutions to this.

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Another exam

I have another exam today. It is multiple choice. I think I will steal the answers. And do well.

PS. I did do pretty well. But I didn't steal the answers, I earned it through patience, intelligence, and speed. Thank you quail man.

Mortgage Broker

It's important to have a solid mortgage broker when it comes to making that first big house purchase. My mortgage broker has been a huge assistance for me, I don't really know what I would do without him. I know paying off my house would be a lot bigger of a problem. There is no doubt about that!

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It's tough work trying to do the right thing to get a job! I know I am going to be in for the long haul with this situation. Here I come, life.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Garage Storage Cabinets

What kind of cabinets do you prefer when you are looking to organize your garage? Might seem like a funny question, but if you don't own or need garage storage cabinets, it's an important question to ask. I prefer wood because of its looks. As long as you take care of it, then there shouldn't be a problem with it going bad. Right?

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I can't stand exams! Especially multiple choice exams.....teachers are always out to get us, I swear. It's ridiculous. Hopefully this exam will go better than Philly's game one defeat yesterday.

Coupon Codes codes. How awesome is buying stuff for cheaper than you normally would. There's nothing like it. I saw some awesome new doggie toys with Old Navy coupons that I plan on getting my dog. My wonderfully wonderful girlfriend is surely in love with me buying her gifts with Gap coupons, I think I'll pick her up something from there. I mean, is there really any better way to A. get your loved ones the things they want and B. do it without spending a boatload? No. There is not a better way. I know where I'll be shopping this holiday season.

Prediction was Correct

Randy Moss won me three fantasy football match-ups this week. That runs my total record to 11-2 between my three leagues. If it wasn't for Steve Smith taking a crap in the last two weeks, I would easily be undefeated. I am now the top scorer in all three leagues, but sit in second place in two of them.

AL Picks: New York and Los Angeles of Anaheim

NL Picks: Philadelphia (something is brewing here) and Chicago

A-Rod will finally overcome his playoff demons this season.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Tattoo Singles

Do you dig chicks with tattoos? I am not really sure if I do, but there a ton of guys (and girls) who really do. Capitalizing on this situation is the purpose of a tattoo singles site. Promoting tattoo dating might not seem like the best way to make a living, but trust me, it can be successful. This site is set up in an organized fashion so that you can find the perfect tatted up chick that you wanna meet. You can't go wrong.

Need Moss?

Prediction for tonight's New England/Cincinnati tilt:

Randy Moss goes wild.


Randy Moss did go wild in this game. He is well on his way to cementing his status as perhaps the greatest receiver ever to play the game. Think I am wrong? Look at the numbers. Pound for pound (or game for game in this case), his numbers stack up against the best receievers ever.