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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Football Plan

Since everyone around me started making their football picks, I figure I have been doing well enough to start posting them on the 'net. Jimi and I will be going for $50,000 based on who finishes higher on their picks for the rest of the season. I will update every day with a few picks for the coming week.

New England beats Washington

Pretty easy pick. Note that the Patriots could run the table without a solid running game. Instead, with Moss and Stallworth stretching the field, the checkdown passes the Patriots have run effectively for years have now become a great substitute for the running game. I remember the Skins' defense being effective in finding where the Lions receivers were going to be before they got there, giving Jon Kitna trouble moving the ball down the field. This can't work against New England solely because of the checkdown passes, something Detroit running backs are incapable of doing. If Washington attempts to prevent the big play, then look for the old New England team to show up. With Sean Taylor, Washington might be able to do this. It won't matter though.

NE 34 WAS 14

Pitt > Cinn

Cincinnati's season is over. However, they don't think it is, and that's why they will give Pittsburgh a close game. Was anyone as impressed as I was with Pitt's comeback late against Denver? They made a comeback on the road and in a tough environment (not so tough this year, though) look almost too easy. Despite the fact that they scored way too early and gave Denver a ton of time to get into Elam's range and lose the game, there still should be heads up in Pittsburgh, as they are clearly the best team in their division. Davenport has provided a Bus-like change of pace for Parker. Combine that with the fact that Pitt's passing game (9th in the league, easily Roethlisberger's highest output in his career) has done well without any production from Hines Ward. Their D will have an easy time shutting down an OVERRATED Rudi Johnson (if he returns....even if he does, why not start Watson?), giving them a fairly easy, but not that easy, victory.

Pitt 27 Cinn 17

Minnesota over Philly

Minnesota is a weird team. Best rushing D in the league, worst passing D in the league. Great running game, terrible passing game. Minnesota will win this game because they are at home. As long as Tavaris Jackson doesn't do his best Carlyle Holliday impression, then Peterson should widen his gap on the league lead in rushing against a 26th ranked rush defense. Unless they only give him the ball 12 times (are you $@#(&* kidding me?) Plus, I hate Philadelphia because they lost a very winnable game to Chicago last week. I HATE Chicago. Minnesota wins, and puts Philly in a hole they will not dig out of next year.

Minnesota 20 Philly 14


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